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The following is the powerful  second testimony from the mission field.


 It was on 26th October, 2015 when Pastor Godfrey Kamwendo came at St. Therese TDC and met with me. He said their group wanted to present Christmas gifts to the learners and the teachers. He also said that after presenting gifts learners would also be fed. Not only this, girls at puberty stage will be given sanitary wear. St. Therese zone has a total number of 16 schools which are divided into two clusters namely: Nkasaulo whose schools are Ntulira, Nkapalira I, Madziabango, St. Augustine, Namalasa, Nathendo, Kamwendo and Nkasaulo and St. Therese whose schools are Mombe, Naungu, Mtubwi, Chabwera, Chinguni, Namisundu, Liwonde LEA and St. Therese with enrolment of 16016 learners against 321 teachers.

This came into fulfilment on 19th and 20th November, 2015, where the ceremonies were done at cluster level that is, Nkasaulo and St. Therese. More than 15, 780 learners were reached.

The activities started with a word of God by Evangelist Therese Luwofeyihemia who encouraged learners to be in school and desire to be someone at the end of their journey. She advised girls to respect their bodies by not allowing men to use them. Gave the audience the brief history of her family. Born in Nigeria but later married to Rev Russell Mc Ecroy. She also asked the audience to love one another and be generous to the needy.

Then came time for gift presentation, among the items were bags, writing pens, Pads, pencils, tables of soap, 170 sheets ruled books, pails, balls, clothes. While girls at puberty stage received sanitary bag where there were the following 2 panties, pack of pads, face towel teeth brush and a tablet of soap. The sanitary pads can be used for three years. At Nkasaulo cluster second hand clothes were given to the needy learners.

There after came time when gifts were presented to schools as follows: 1 ball, 1 bucket, 3 -5 cartons of ruled books, pieces of soap, neck ties and towels for each teacher and sanitary bags for lady teachers. Then came time for food, each learner was given a plate of rice and beans.

To sum up everything, the Evangelist encouraged men to love their wives and take them as part of their body and also advised women to be flexible to their husbands.

On behalf of St. Therese Zone and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to thank Evangelist Therese Pastor Mccroy for empowering my zone spiritually, intellectually and physically. This was the first time in history for a church to cheer the massive.

In addition to this, girls were overwhelmed because the program of sanitary wear is mainly done in secondary schools and are given non reusable pads. But with this type of sanitary pads our girls have been eased. I could love if this could be on going to our primary school girls by training some ladies teachers and mother group members in the zone who could be sewing and selling at a price which many families could afford buying to their girl child.

What Evangelist Theresa has done will reduce girls absenteeism during menstruation period. May the good Lord bless you abundantly.

Mary Khoropa




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